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About Ivy House Studios

The studio at Fred Taylor Music has evolved from a 4-track Teac-based studio in 1978 to an ultra-powerful, versatile all-purpose workshop. It is powered by an Apple Mac Pro and runs ProTools, Cubase, and Logic Pro.

The control room

Fred Taylor

The desk, computer, power, and window into the recording room.

Fred Taylor

We have just upgraded to a 2014 MacPro, which is a fraction of the size of the previous model and many times more powerful. Inputs are 22 analog, 60 digital in the Presonus Firewire board and MOTU converters.

The new MacPro (on the right) with a G-Speed RAID, several external drives, and the PCIe box. The studio is equipped with a Line 6 Pod X3 Live amp and effect modeler, and an assortment of great mics by Shure, Rode, Audix, Audio Technica, AKG, Oktava, Sennheiser, Blue, and Groove Tube.

The computer system

Fred Taylor

The vintage Slingerlands in the studio

Fred Taylor

There are several fine drumsets for different purposes, five different bass guitars, an acoustic bass, two Roland keyboards, a set of Roland V-Session electronic drums, bass and guitar amps, hand drums and tons of percussion goodies.

A spacious isolation booth is ideal for vocal and horn overdubs.

The iso booth

Fred Taylor

A video and audio session

Fred Taylor

The studio is now doing more and more video work, from planning to camera shoots to editing and soundtrack. Other services include VHS or DV to digital conversions, soundtrack sweetening, video editing and titles, still photography, digital photo editing with Photoshop and layouts with Illustrator. Final Cut Pro is used for video editing.

We also have some well-tested and highly developed computer skills in-house, where we specialize in
database applications and Web design on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Please call us at (425)263-9046 or (425)418-7764 to ask questions or arrange a visit.

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